1:15 scale of a 12m fishing boat Designers: Jack Anderson, Louis Ferens, Krishaan Gopal

The Gnarly Mahi represents the next step in Luxury Fishing. From the Cantilevered flybridge to the unique and aggressive styling, the Gnarly Mahi offers a fishing experience like no other.

The Cantilevered Flybridge can accomodate up to 3 people as well as a secondary driving console. The 2 tone material choice with silver accents pays tribute to the classic styling of a fishing boat, yet in a much more refined and modern aggressive approach.

The Gnarly Mahi features a below deck level equipped with a shower, kitchen, dining/ leisure area making it idea for the perfect day trip with friends or family. Atop the front deck is a leather futon area for peaceful relaxation while centre stage at the back of the boat is the game chair. Located under each of the chairs in the center console is a storage area.

Gnarly Mahi Gnarly Mahi Gnarly Mahi CAD Render

The Gnarly Mahi