Tasked with creating a viable local product or service, we have created One 2 Zero. One 2 Zero is a furniture design business that re-uses local factory waste as a means of design and waste reduction.

Designers and manufacturers: Louis Ferens and Callum Elson

Operations and sales manager: Greta Anderson

Branding and marketing: Ruth Lever and Sarah Delfos

Frying Pan 2.0

Cast in a recycled frying pan, this bar stool features recycled local waste HDPE complemented by reclaimed locally sourced rimu and supported by bent steel tube.

The Pan

The pan is %100 recycled. Using the same mould as the frying pan 2.0 this short stool uses reclaimed Rimu as a supporting material and a contrast to the HDPE base.​

Deep Dish

The Deep Dish is our first stool prototype made from 120 HDPE bottle lids and caps sourced from local factory waste, heat pressed and moulded into a secondhand deep dish.

Frying Pan 2.0 Frying Pan 2.0 The Pan The Deep Dish Mallet Product Family

One 2 Zero